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Amazing how the dumpling holds its shape and remains crunchy with the ice cream, very tasty, not too sweet. My words were ‘Yummy’

~ Peta


The flavouring from my chocolate and the dumpling brought a beautiful taste and it was colorful, which I love! I feel like there could be more flavours to the options though, other than that. It was amazing.

~ Sapphire


I love the idea of Percy Plings. I see it bringing the community together. The Pling I had was sweet and every taste brought it together.

~ Jamal


Delicious, not too sweet, moreish, addictive, yummy.

~ Aisha


The textures go well together and the different options.

~ Davinia


Love, Love, Love….Idea; Maybe fill the Plings with ice cream, like a ball of delight!

~ Chase


It was lovely, it looked good and tasted good! My favorite was the Snickers, Thank you!

~ Paje


Tastes great...

~ Dieter


I loved it. Would definitely eat again

~ Angella


Nice, nice, nice

~ Junior


Delicious, that I even ate my brother's one

~ Julia


Absolutely scrumptious!

~ Bee


Love the selection of toppings. I suggest you having an option of whether the toppings are blended to a fine powder/crumb or chunkier texture.
~ Tracy


Peach was unusually nice

~ Angela


Gorgeous, very nice!

~ Ursula


Very good idea, it’s different!

~ Emma

M&M was nice!

~ Sky


Off the hook!!!!! Be prepared this is the mobile Ice Cream Annihilation - With the potential to be stratospheric!!!! Bounty & Strawberry are hits! 10/10.

~ Sva


Good flavors and combinations in testers!

~ Kyle


The Oreo flavor was nice, tester tasted nice.

~ Kira


Bounty was very nice refreshing not too heavy 100%. Mango was good 100%. Apple was extremely nice 100%. The Snicker was fabulous, feeling full now. Good portion sizes 100%.

~ Nadine


Love the variety of flavours. Great branding.

~ Kris

I was optimistic at first but once tasted I was sold. I had 5 flavours and was totally wowed. The concept and idea is a brilliant one!!! It will go far for “Percy Plings” Strawberry, nut brittle, ginger nut, cables, M&M - Yum! I can’t wait for this to become available nationwide! I most certainly appreciate Percy Plings.

~ Lorraine


Very nice, Presentation looks very nice.

~ Jade


Very unique and unusual however quite a nice blend

~ Shaniece


Very sweet & tasty :)

~ Latoya



~ Nicola


Very nice

~ Jabba



~ Rodney


Unusual, put the dumpling on top

~ Rechea


Lovely, first time trying it.

~ Inez


Very different, but the different tastes very well

~ Stella

I love this innovative ice cream idea, flavors, color and content. I would recommend this to friends and family.

~ Rhys


Wicked variety of combinations! Plings were soft and delicious. Licorice Allsorts were really fab. Love all the flavours I tasted, it blew my mind, you’ve done excellent. Look forward to my next plingage love, love, love every bit of this experience.

~ Unknown

The Strawberry Pling was nice and it was creamy. The ginger Pling was very simple, so I liked it too. Everything was creamy and simple. I liked it very much. Fantastic work, wonderful combo, you’ve done well. Well done!

~ Sasha


Very nice!

~ Kai


I find the different flavours and toppings very creative as well as nice. Now I’m all Plinged out!!

~ Carlo


Mind blowing and tasty! Mmmmm

~ Tasha


Amazing, I could eat it all day!

~ Alexis


I love it very much! Yummy!

~ Yemis


Very nice and tasty, I would have preferred raspberry ripple ice cream

~ Jaffron


Very Nice!

~ Lyds


Have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! (Repeat)

~ Heidi


I don’t eat ice cream, but I did…Nice :)

~ Shirlette



~ Kane


Nice, great idea!

~ Judith


Loved it! Great!

~ Esme



~ Corene


Very interesting and nice!

~ Hildia


Different! Ice cream is nice!

~ Grace


Very sweet. I loved it.

~ Leah

Different, nice, fun idea.

~ Jackie

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